Since we closed our doors in mid-March, I’ve been closely following information regarding the pathology of the virus, it’s implications for massage, the insights and recommendations of Massage Therapists who are leaders of pathology within our profession, as well as the cdc.  

The facts are this: 

- Allegheny County went into the green phase June 5. The number of new daily cases had dwindled to 0-2/day for a good length of time. 14 days following reopening we saw a jump of 16, followed by many more in the past few days. Another 45 today (6/24/2020) 
- Massage therapy cannot be performed in a reasonable manner while practicing any truly effective social distancing.  
- I primarily serve marginalized bodies which are statistically more vulnerable to immunocompromised conditions. 
- The president of this country has threatened the ability of the people I serve to receive healthcare
- The people I serve are more likely to live in close community with others who are marginalized and/or immunocompromised  

It feels like I have had to change direction with the future of the business multiple times a day everyday.  

So, I will be closing Body Euphoria until we are clear of COVID-19 for good. I realize that will probably be a long time. 

It was difficult during quarantine, knowing so many of you are in need of the care I provide and unable to access it. And I know this closure won’t be any easier.  

I do encourage all of you to reach out to me at anytime with your questions- self-massage, stretches, self-care, binding, etc - I am happy to chat and help any way I can. 

I thank you all for the opportunity to serve you. For trusting me with your body, with your being. It’s a precious thing. Being a massage therapist isn’t just a job. It’s bodywork. The body is political. Massage is an act of love compassion empathy and healing. Massage is revolutionary. Transition is revolutionary. Care is revolutionary.  

Care for each other. Keep healing, keep loving, keep fighting. Keep being proud. Keep refusing to be told what constitutes a good body, what a body has to be to be worthy of love, worthy of the right to exist. Talk to your body. Listen to it. Fight for it. 

Gift Cards & Memberships:

You can expect a refund within the next few weeks for any outstanding balances or credits. Contact me if you do not see a credit by 7/15. 


Body Euphoria will be closed until the Covid-19 crisis has passed. 

I love you all. 

Refunds for gift certificates and unused membership credits will be refunded.

Eli Shumaker, LMT

I've been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2014.  I am passionate about helping Pittsburgh's LGBTQIA community feel great in their bodies. 

I provide adjunctive care to help mitigate anxiety, depression, PTSD, gender dysphoria, stress, and transition related pain issues.  

Services & Rates

Massage & Reiki: 




Add-on Services:

$35 - Lomi Lomi

$20 - 15m Cupping

$15/25/35 - CBD Lotion